About Us

 Introduction : 
Legal Aid Nepal is a autonomous, non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental organization, which is registered under ‘Association Registration Act,1977 (Sanstha darta ain,2034) on 2074 Bhadra 21 in District Administration Office, Kathmandu. The central office of this organization is located in ka. ma. na. pa. -29, Anamnagar, Kathmandu. It is especially established under common initiation and effort of the student of law under the understanding of “Ignorance of law is not excusable”. On the basis of this motto, the main aim of this organization is to develop society through community participation for promote legal awareness of rights and duties in particular society.


Objectives :

The main objective of the organization is to make, implement and evaluate the necessary arrangements for social transformation by living in legal jurisdiction.
Vision :
Without social mobility social transformation is not possible. Therefore, “The legal awareness of every citizen, collective contribution for social mobilization” is a clear view of the organization.

Mission :
To provide fundamental legal education to every citizen and target group.

Goal :
Keeping in the legal jurisdiction, the organization has set up a conscious, alert, successful, active and committed citizen and create awareness society.

Target Group :
Every citizen of the state is target group. Although the main target group are women, children, senior citizen, helpless, orphan as well as local bodies, local representatives, teachers, students, guardians, child clubs, mother groups, teens and youth groups etc.
Action Policy :

Community based interactive programs will be conducted through social mobilization.

Programs will be conducted by integrating various coordinating bodies and work with various local bodies, local level, local organization and financial, social, educational institutions.

Target group-oriented programs will be held.